Grinding Section

We offer a specialist grinding service, we cover a wide range of materials and apertures and can grind to minute tolerances with exceptional surface finishes.

High-performance precision tools are the key to cost-effective production processes. Precision, speed and safety are essential aspects of their manufacture – especially with extremely hard substrates. Our machine tool experts develop tailormade mechanical engineering solutions for every application.

Cylindrical grinding is grinding of work pieces in individual and small series production operations. It is ideal in all sectors where medium-sized precision components are produced.

Surface grinding is a process used to provide precision ground surfaces, either to a critical size or for the surface finish. The typical precision of a surface grinder depends on the type and usage, however +/- 0.002 mm (+/- 0.0001″) should be achievable on most surface grinders.

Carbide is an extremely hard material used in tooling to cut hard super strength alloys and provide good tool life and surface finish. Carbide is made up of powdered tungsten or titanium carbide materials bound together with cement-like material using cobalt as its base. Since this composition is so hard, they normally grind this material with diamond wheels in order to provide the proper shape for the tool.

Surface Grinding Model Quantity
Okamoto 64 2 units
Okamoto 52-BN 1 unit
Okamoto 618 1 unit
Okamoto 52-AN 3 unit
Mitsui MSG-250 4 units
Mitsui MSG-200-MH 2 unit
Mitsui ME 227 1 unit
Surface Grinding Model Quantity
Grindtech YSG-618S 1 unit
Proth PSGS 2550AH 1 unit
J & S J & S 540 1 unit
Cylindrical Grinding Model Quantity
Okamoto Shigiya G-20 2 units