CNC Turning Section

At QLT Precision, we provide high-quality CNC Turning with the operation of an impressive range of state of the art Turning Lathes. With these lathes, we are able to provide both capability and capacity to many industry leaders. In response to market demand, we are continuously investing in new machines, both to expand our capability and increase our capacity. Our continuous investment into specialist machines provides us with a wider scope of opportunities, enables us to provide our services to a broader scope of clientele and enables us to develop quicker lead times.

CNC Auto Lathe Model Quantity
Tsugami B020(C)-V 4 units
Tsugami BE 18 3 units
Tsugami BS20 (C) III 3 units
Tornos Deco 20 2 units
Citizen Cincom A20 2 units
CNC Turning Model Quantity
Goodway GCL-2B1 1 unit
Daewoo 2-axis DMV-220B 1 unit
CNC Turn-Mill Model Quantity
Gildemeister CTX 320L 1 unit
Gildemeister CTX 310 1 unit
Quicktech I-42 ECO 1 unit